The apple project also certificates healthy companies which work within schools

The fulfillment of each of these sub-areas will count as a complete star of the area in question.

Finally, in each certificate the average of compliance of all the areas and the detailed analysis of each area will be given.

General health awareness protocol

1-Recommendations and restrictions on breaks
2-Guidelines and recommendations
3-Annual audit of the center

Specific protocol for detection, prevention and monitoring of childhood overweight and obesity

1-Evaluation of health status of students
2-Program of detection of students at risk
3-Tracking program for students at risk
4-Program of direct action on students at risk
5-Multidisciplinary program from the different areas of the school

Guide protocol on eating habits

1-Ban industrial products (pastries, cookies, sugary juices ...)
2-Generate food alternatives
3-Disposition of an ecological dining room without fried foods, added sugars ...
4-Sample of nutritional values of each meal
5-Nutritional recommendations to complete the rest of the meals of the day

Extracurricular follow-up protocol

1-Protocol of control of (in) physical activity inside and outside the center
2-"Screen" time control
3-Control of "free play" time at home
4-Control of time in the park and nature
5-Recommendations of the center regarding the occupation of time

Protocol of healthy activities in the center

1-Center initiatives on the subject
2-Promotion of offline activities
3-Center initiative for the restriction of mobile phones and tablets in the center
4-Development of activities in nature
5-Development of parent-child activities

Apple project also has an audit service in which we provide the certificate of your center based on the areas mentioned above in order to give more detailed information to parents about the philosophy and investment of each center in the health of their children