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Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyle and ensure the wellness of the students from early ages through teaching them healthy habits and adequate values. We have only one healthy body to take care of and preserve the best possible, and this depends on us, our parents and our environment. During last years new proffessionals have joined the staff of the educational centers like speech therapists, psychologists or psicopedagogists to take care of children´s health mind. But, what about their bodies? "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" says the ancient Greek proverb and it has been proven by modern science.  

Our Mission


In Apple Project our main target is work against inactivity and obesity from early ages. During the past few decades, the prevalence of obesity in children has risen greatly worldwide and in Europe Spain is one of the most affected country. Obesity is a chronic disease increasing the risk of premature illness and death, and causing a wide range of serious complications. Its fast development can be primarily attributed to adverse environmental factors taking place at the school and at home among others. The best tool for the fight against this disease is prevention, which can be implemented by supplying information and education about healthy habits and encouraging kids (and everybody) to do more physical activity.

Ancla 4

Have you ever thought about

  • how much time your kids spend with screens?

  • what are the ingredients of the food you give to your kids?

  • how much they play and how much physical activity they do?

  • if they sleep enough?

It is not only about body, but mental health too!

Let’s learn together about how to follow a healthy lifestyle!

Apple project is a service directed toward nurseries and schools with the aim of integrating a health-wellbeing department in the center as part of it. This initiative was born as a start-up at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid as Ph.D.  work. That´s why all "The Apple Project" team have the highest academical acknowledgment: doctorate, in constant contact with the latest research in the world. The creation of this department involves several changes in the center and follow a protocol and a specialized tracking. Our team will work hand in hand with the center of the center in order to obtain the best benefits for the students. Our team will be collaborating with the team of your for a program with most benefits for your students.


The project


Join   OUR


A better school is possible

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